-The event will take place on 29 October in Strasbourg (FR), at Maison Région Grand Est (1 Pl. Adrien Zeller, 67000, Room Bartholdi), and online, from 9:15-10:15 CET. The entire workshop will be conducted in English.

Open and transparent societies are able to guarantee more effective policy responses to assure a better future for all, yet achieving a goal as ambitious as SDG 16 has been a real challenge. The 2021 UN Sustainable Development Goals Report has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the process of building more equal and inclusive societies. For this reason, now more than ever, good governance is not only a Goal itself, but also a critical means to achieve all the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda as a whole.

Local and regional governments play a critical role in implementing SDG 16. Progress towards achieving this Goal is therefore heavily dependent on how effective, accountable and inclusive local and regional democratic governance is, and how local and regional governments participate in decision-making at national and international level.

This workshop will be an opportunity to explore the inter-linkages between democratic governance and sustainable development. There will be a special focus on the role of local and regional authorities in achieving SDG 16 and its contribution to the delivery of the 2030 Agenda as a whole. Participants will get insights on the core elements of democratic governance, how SDG 16 supports sustainable development, and how it can have a transformative impact on democratic governance at local and regional level by moving the 2030 Agenda forward from the ground up.

The challenge of reimagining society also demands we share insights, ideas and exchange experiences among local and regional governments. Moreover, creating spaces for multi-stakeholder engagement mechanisms that hear the voices of society’s most vulnerable and excluded groups are essential as we work towards a more just and inclusive world by 2030. This event will represent a great occasion to actively share ideas and opinions on how we can do this together.

All the participants at the on-site event must comply with the COVID-19 rules in France and show a valid COVID-19 certificate at the venue doors.