Using technological advancement in the field of healthcare to better address problems such as the increasing ageing population has been critical. Digital transformation in the healthcare field will be a key factor in fulfilling SDG 3, Good Health & Well-being, and the mutual collaboration and exchange of experiences among the different actors will only accelerate reaching this goal.
What do we propose?
Integrated care systems are patient focused and aim to enhance the overall quality of care by promoting patient safety, satisfaction, risk-adjusted patient outcomes and optimising the use of resources. An integrated approach harmonises and coordinates the management, organization, and delivery of services with the aid of ICT, digital health, big data and AI. This ensures healthcare services provide quality and efficient solutions to the needs of patients.
Thus, integrated care will be able to increase communication between care providers and reduce unnecessary costs of duplication of tests and services.
At the Assembly of European Regions, we have been taking part in the Scirocco Project – a project aimed to facilitate the successful scaling up and transfer of good practices in integrated care across European regions. By exploring how matching the complementary strengths and weakness of regions, it can be used to deliver two major benefits:
A strong basis for successful twinning and coaching that facilitates shared learning
A practical support for the scaling up of good practices that promote active and healthy ageing and participation in the community
AER is in charge of knowledge transfer as we specialize on mutual learning and regional policy innovation.